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Today is a good day for shipping.


Today is also a happy day. After this order is out, January 15 out of a batch, and 20 out of a batch, it is the end of the year. The end.


Why are we so happy about the shipment?


Delivery means receiving money, receiving the final payment means that customers are recognized our display cabinets and props, there is an order is not the most important, the most important is to receive the final payment, on behalf of all the production process in a step-by-step quality and quantity of the process, the customer's brain is not wrong, you do not do well, how will he pay you? All the money is the biggest recognition, this is my business is the most happy time.


Moreover, we take 80% of the deposit for goods, and we don't do customers on credit. If you don't give money, we won't do it. When you give money is when we work, which is the principle of my business. It seems that the payment terms are very strict, but because we don't give credit, we escaped the Black Swan, maintaining the production of display cases for 30 years, or you big guys may now not see me on the Internet to write our Xinfeng Display Factory Articles.


It was also because with money, we can put all energy to do our factory, controling the quality of the display case with stable factory production. As the old saying goes, ther is no need to worry about food in hand. Then we can really do gradually to standard international first-line brand production quality.


By the way, I want to say to all my customers that do not ask me to do business on a monthly basis. My psychological quality is not good. I know you won't give me less and you'll give me more when the time comes. But the period you won't give me, I won't be able to sleep. I'll have severe insomnia, I'll have Random Thoughts, I'll have trouble breathing, I'll have schizophrenia.



Today, this batch of goods from the factory was prepared to Fujian. This shop is the customer's second shop, and it is also the shop front that she bought herself. Therefore, she put extra effort into decorating it. There are also display cases made locally in Fujian. So why do she go to the trouble of driving 700 kilometers to our Xinfeng display factory to face-to-face to finalize it?


This shop, first of all, prepaid design fees, a few days to the counter and props are designed. Then the customer came to the factory to talk about. I remember what impressed me the deepes is


“I didn't look for another manufacturer. I believe you. I want to do good quality counter, and that's why I came to Dongguan.”


I understand very well. Because our factory's price is not cheap, if they need cheap counter, customers will not come to our factory to do, and can not afford that budget. But finally she came, she recognized our manufacturing quality, and in the office on the spot down payment of 80% .


By contrast, if I don't make an offer and show him the factory and my profile first, the people who ask“How much” and“How to buy” without even the most basic“Hello” greeting, will get angry and pull me black. It's an angel client versus a demon client.


In the afternoon, when I ship, I will shoot a few more videos as a souvenir, also in memory of me meeting such a good angel customer.


If you are not satisfied with the display case, welcome to try Xinfeng Factory.













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