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I receive new customer consultation, German shop new outfit to use what display case? Requirements to adapt to the German style of decoration.


He is a Chinese who has been in Heidelberg for more than 20 years. I learned from the small talk that they have been in the watch business for more than 20 years, docking brands have Aibi, Chopin, Wanguo and so on, which are all first-line big brands.


This is the first time I have received a consultation from Heidelberg. Last year, I had recieved order from a German jewelry store. They also found our manufacturer on the Internet and placed an order, finally also with the smooth shipment installation. Heidelberg is a tourist city with not high temperature all year round, so the use of plate and transformers, wires need attention.


In fact, our relatives also have decoration businesses in Europe. He told me that as long as they have the skills, they can make a lot of money doing decoration there. Foreigners have to pay door-to-door fees for decoration and so on. In short, the expenses are very high. On the contrary, Chinese communicate better outside, even do Chinese decoration business is more convenient.


The customer's first shop is to find the local decoration company design and production. He is very satisfied with the minimalist solid wood wind, used for several years without problems. This time the new shop is not far from the old shop. We opened video communication to see the actual situation on the scene. Decoration has begun and is a quite square shop, having a taste of Europe.



There are two floor-to-ceiling windows. This floor-to-ceiling windows domestic and foreign production methods are completely different. In China we may do 2 sections of 1.8 meters or so of the high cabinet on the ground at least 1 meter high there. But foreign will not be so designed, to the entire production to the wall, with the wall connected into one, from the ground is almost only 10 cm distance. I put the following 2 pictures, more intuitive to see the difference.



During the first phone call, I asked the client to review the specific dimensions the next day and provide me with the dimensions of all the other wall cabinets that were to be made. It would be too expensive to go abroad to measure the dimensions once, usually through the customer directly to provide and factory arrangements to make. The actual size of the supply should be very accurate, in their size basis and then we subtracted some distance, so that it is easy to put into the site to use.


With so many experiences of making and delivering goods abroad, I actually feel that the market for display cases has become bigger and is not restricted at all. Moreover, in some European and American countries, no matter whether it is big brands or private shop owners, they all have very high requirements for display cases, details to be very in place, which is not exactly the same as our criteria, one is the quality requirements, the second is to have money to pay .


In terms of transportation, a few times the customer found a customs declaration company and directly asked us to do a good job in shipping the goods. A few times, we found a freight forwarder to deliver the goods. Originally, the process of handling these shipments was also very simple and not as complicated as we thought. They are doing a good job, has been very mature.


This makes me more and more confident to do the international market!


If you are not satisfied with the display case, welcome to try Xinfeng Factory.












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