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You must think, with the money, there will be someone to do, if not, then the money is not enough.


However, they did receive such an order right now. The customers were high-end jewelry brands that had developed rapidly in recent years. They specialized in opening stores in super-a malls in first-tier cities, and they all opened next to Cartier and Bulgari. Thier position is self-evident.


They looked for us to produce 2000 paint packaging boxes. Just started proofing, it was no problem. Proofing on the 2 packaging boxes which perfectly through the template. Then the customer made a deposit, the order began to make bulk goods.



The real problem was in the big goods. There was no way to make the handmade products 100% perfect. It was the same in all the factories in China, resulting in a very high scrap rate. If you made five, you would have to scrap five, the equivalent of 5 boxes to do 10, from 10 out of 5 good.


The customer's requirements are painting without white spots and dust, without trace of scratches and all surfaces are polished bright. Half of the boxes made were returned.


140 by 140 mm small box was complex. The hinge was custom made of pure copper. The tightness of the hinge and the angle at which the switch jammed were adjusted on the machine in the factory for a long time. The hinge alone had seen more than 10 factories and was more than six times more expensive than an ordinary hinge. Most of the factories are not up to the requirements. We sent 3 people out to find, looking online, to the factory and proofing just qualified, and now often out of stock.


The gilded logo on the interior was the same, and none of the previous De Beers boxes had such a sophisticated craftsmanship. Most of the boxes would be bronzed once. This type of box would first be colored and then cold-pressed again. This logo would have depth and the bronzing color would not be deducted. If they had to use violence and brute force, that's a different story.


Due to the small quantity and high cost of mold-opening, the wood embryo was chosen to be made at that time. This wood embryo was made of two circular arcs, up and down, front and back. The circular arcs were wrapped by hand in thousands of pieces, and some of them were wrapped at different angles. Though the interior is the same, the outer box is slightly different. No way, wood embryo is a lot of scrap.


As for the paint is the main event, the key in the key. We have found 4 factories to cooperate with, none of them are willing to accept. Even if we pay more money, they are not willing to do it now. One is high demand, the other is low production capacity and small quantity. The factory was able to produce other goods at the same time and had high output and low rework rate. Four factories were unwilling to do it, but after accepting the orders from the customers, they had to finish it even under the weight of stones. Several factories received money and refunded it. They would rather lose money than making this box again. It took too much man-hours.


At that time, I almost wanted to give up. The same time, I do other brand boxes, perhaps already shipped. But my bones were not willing to admit defeat, not to the last moment can not give up.

最后又跟我们厂长协商商量,这批盒子或许工厂是亏本在生产的,工人都做的怕了,看到这款盒子都后怕,但是客户要用 ,我们再费一些时间,又重新做了一批盒子,这次精挑细选,当然要达到客户的要求,一定是报废很多个的。

Finally, we discussed with our factory director that perhaps the factory was producing these boxes at a loss, and the workers were all afraid of doing so. They were all afraid when they see this type of box, but the customers needed to use it. We would take some more time, again made a batch of boxes. This was carefully selected. Of course, to meet customer requirements, it must be scrapped a lot of.



The end customer came in and said, “Well, this batch is good.”


This is really the happiest day I've had in a while


Can Do both watches, jewelry display cabinets, and can do display props factory, perhaps there is no second domestic, welcome to try Xinfeng Factory.












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