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Wang Sheng said, “You've got a lot of hands on this solid wood part.”


My boss implied, "I didn't sell it. I just took it to the mill."


Recently we made a foreign trade order, which is sent to the Southeast Asian countries a mall. It is also a century-old brand. This is an order received by a foreign trade company, Mr. Wang is a native of Guangdong, often running between Dongguan and Hong Kong. He is very insensitive to the price, not even lowing a penny of the price.


This is true of many of the big brands we meet. Not so much at any cost as on a budget, as long as they can meet their requirements.


The day after he came to see the factory, he arranged the payment for the pictures. Ninety percent of the customers who came to see the factory would place an order. This figure is true. All the customers who came this year have registered, who placed an order and who did not. Finally who did not place an order is not that the product quality is not good, but the price exceeds the customer's budget. There is no way.


The counter of this shop began to split up the structural drawings, changing the size and the structure, which lasted for 12 days. After 12 days, they finally placed an order for a total of nine cabinets. As a result, the customer said that the size of the scene was wrong, three more need to be paused.


I thought to myself, do and stop, this is a big variable AH. No matter which factory a shop counter was made in, it was impossible to complete it all in one factory. Moreover, the big-brand cabinets required a very high level of craftsmanship, involving the splicing of solid wood carvings and the sticking of wood veneers, stainless steel stretch bending, electroplating, glass toughening, German air-delivered locks, custom-made ultra-fiber cloth and so on.


Of course, one of the most difficult is solid wood carving splicing and stainless steel production of the part. Without this 1, the following 0 can not be completed.

于是我们决定兵分三路,其实做普通的展柜,完全不需要我出面,厂里的主管和跟单同事都处理的特别漂亮,我只用安排好出货时间和地点,但是这笔订单不同,从头到尾 ,一环接着一环,弄得头昏眼花,睡前在做这件事,醒来后想的第一件事也是这个。

So we decided to split up into three groups. In fact, we didn't need me to show up at all to make an ordinary display case. The supervisor and the merchandising colleagues in the factory all handled it beautifully. I only needed to arrange the time and place of shipment, but this order was different. From beginning to end, one after another, it made me dizzy. I was doing this before I went to bed, and the first thing I thought of when I woke up was this.


On the way, the guests changed their sizes and the time became particularly anxious. Thus, the scene at the beginning appeared. Because of the tight delivery time and the tight deadline, our nerves are frayed. Wang Sheng started to talk about these situations, that our products were purchased at the wrong time.


I told him: "This is power. You know everything, then why don't you go to the Factory? Even if 90% of the products are produced outside the factory, they can be brought back and assembled, and they can be shipped as good as possible. This is the power of the Xinfeng Display Factory. Moreover, 90% of our processes are produced by ourselves. In a factory of the same level, we are already a factory with complete processes and workers."


For example, even if I know which process and which product can be produced in which factory, but it's useless. I can't do it, I can't assemble it, and I can't completely avoid the risks and error-prone links. And also did you. If you can, you won't find us to make showcases, but Xinfeng Display Factory Can.


The factory has its own acceptance process for incoming material timing and quality inspection.


If you are not satisfied with the display case, welcome to try Xinfeng Factory.












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