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Today, the students who can come to the scene all have 2 brush. They are all examples for me to follow.


Because it's been a long time since we wore masks, we haven't been together for two and a half years. Guangdong is really a magical place. In two years, the business of ours has made a big leap. maybe tens of millions in turnover before, but now that's a small target(one hundred million).


In offline communication, each of our classmates spoke about how we each take orders on the Internet, and I also shared my own. I did as I was told. In any case, people took videos and wrote articles, then I also shoot video,writing articles, according to the type of gourd ladle.


The first thing I learned was boss Tan's foreign trade promotion. No matter how good my English is, it is most important to do it first. If you don't want to spend money in the beginning, you can try some of their free methods first to promote something on social media. I wrote 100 articles and spotted more than 1000 videos, and sent to foreign websites and 20 B2B website information, which was my most simple and cost-free way.


The second is speaking skills, such as when introducing yourself, you can misplace the introduction. I often felt that I can not speak, but through more communication, I learned a lot of“Language art”. In doing the exchange of display case sales, talking may be a big advantages.


Third, keep in mind that it's not how great we are, but how great our clients are. When introducing to new customers, I forgot about this. I couldn't remember the endorsement from the customers, so I made a speech. The customers didn't understand, nor did they think you were very good. It was just a small factory, wasn't it?


The fourth point was that live streaming was very important. Live streaming was one of the least I could do. I was exhausted after working every day, so I didn't want to do live streaming at all. Of course, it was also because I didn't have many people in the live stream room, so I didn't get excited and didn't want to do it all by myself. What's the video about? We don't sell and don't ask our fans to give us gifts or pay any attention. We promote our display factories in the live broadcast booth, and we offer our help to customers who have a need for displays. Of course, such industrial products customer demand certainly not as much as consumer goods, so not too much traffic, a live broadcast of 45 minutes a day is enough. It is important to clock in every day.


Number Five is about what to say. What can you talk with embarrassment in the 45 minutes of lectures?

1)原料半成品Raw materials and semi-finished products

2)工艺与配方Technology and formula

3)技术与专利Technology and patents

4)设备与成套Equipment and complete sets

5)全工序品控Product control in whole process

6)售前与售后Pre-sale and post-sale


As long as the direction of these deep excavation and full content, do live steam is not a problem.


The sixth point is that when writing, the use of marketing inside the speech is to mobilize emotions. We write the article peacefully, narrate a thing rigidly. We can be flexible, mobilizing emotion after writing.


If you are not satisfied with the display case, welcome to try Xinfeng Factory.












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